Susana Mendoza stops in Decatur

Why should I choose you over the other Comptroller candidates?”
A Facebook post — “Why should I choose you over the other Comptroller candidates?”
October 11, 2016
WGN CLTV Susana Mendoza for IL Comptroller
CLTV Politics Tonight — Race for Comptroller: Susana Mendoza [VIDEO]
October 17, 2016

Susana Mendoza stops in Decatur

NOW Decatur

NOW DECATUR — Democratic candidate for Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza made a stop in Decatur to meet with the community and ask voters to elect her the next Comptroller.

Mendoza, 44, is a former member of the Illinois House of Representatives where she served for 10 years.  She became the youngest state representative when elected at age 27.  She currently serves as the City Clerk for the City of Chicago where she helps bring in about $140 million in extra revenue to the city.

“I went from representing 105,000 people as a state rep to 3.5 million and I’m responsible for an office that is touched by every Chicagoan,” Mendoza says.  “When I started, the lines were about three hours long for people to pay a tax.  Because of the investment in technology and our management know-how that I led, we were able to eliminate those lines at City Hall.”

She was the first woman elected as City Clerk in Chicago.  If elected as Comptroller, Mendoza hopes to prioritize the backlog of bills.  She says those most vulnerable need to get the help first.

“Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you should view government as our primary goal to take care of the most vulnerable,” she says.  “Some of these policies I see coming out of the current administration are not only morally corrupt, but I truly believe they are fiscally unsound.”

She knows she is walking into a “burning building” in Springfield, but she says she’s ready for the challenge.  Mendoza also prides herself on being more bipartisan than most.  She says her experience in the legislature also gives her an upper hand because she is familiar with who the “big players are.”

“If I can lend my voice to at least encourage the legislature to get to work and act like adults, then I’m going to continue to do that,” Mendoza explains.  “The Comptroller can play a much greater role in trying to be fiscal sanity back to Illinois and that’s what I intend to do.”

Mendoza will be up against Republican Leslie Munger, Libertarian candidate Claire Ball, and Green Party candidate Tim Curtain.

View the article: Huffer, Ryan. “Susana Mendoza stops in Decatur” NOW Decatur. 13 Oct 2016

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