ENDORSEMENT: For Clerk – Mendoza

Meet Susana A. Mendoza
“Meet Susana” | Susana Mendoza for Chicago City Clerk [VIDEO]
December 20, 2010
NBC 5 Chicago Susana A. Mendoza
Mendoza First Female City Clerk [VIDEO]
February 23, 2011

ENDORSEMENT: For Clerk – Mendoza

Chicago Tribune Susana A. Mendoza

Chicago Tribune Newspaper | Editorial Board —

She has been a frank critic of the Legislature’s halfhearted efforts at ethics reform.

City Clerk Miguel del Valle, who has run a sound operation and restored a high standard of ethics to the office, is running for mayor. Chicago can elect a dynamic successor: state Rep. Susana Mendoza.

We’ve supported Mendoza since her first, unsuccessful run for the Illinois House in 1998. She prevailed two years later, and she hasn’t disappointed since then.

She has tons of energy. She knows how to build coalitions. She has taken a keen interest in protecting the safety of the residents of her Little Village community, sponsoring solid law enforcement legislation and supporting such innovative anti-violence initiatives as CeaseFire. She has been a frank critic of the Legislature’s halfhearted efforts at ethics reform. When other pols tried to finesse their way through Rod Blagojevich’s seedy appointment of Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate, Mendoza stood firm and said it was just flat wrong.

The only question is why Mendoza would give up a seat in the House to take the rather sleepy position of city clerk. Give her credit: She’s brimming with ideas to help Chicagoans navigate their government and gain easier access to City Council doings. She see the clerk’s office as a sort of alderman-at-large/ombudsman, a check and balance on the rest of city government. She has proposed a nifty revenue generator: Sell advertising space on the back of city stickers.

Mendoza is enthusiastically endorsed over Patricia Horton, who has been ineffectual as a commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

View the article: Editorial Board. (2011, February, 4). For Clerk: Mendoza. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from www.chicagotribune.com.

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