Mendoza puts state employee bonuses to back of the line

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October 20, 2016
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February 16, 2017

Mendoza puts state employee bonuses to back of the line

25 News Susana A. Mendoza

25 News Peoria | Shelly, T. —

Newly sworn-in Comptroller Susana Mendoza is moving state employee bonuses to the back of the line of bills to be paid.

Mendoza said she is asking staff to prioritize social services, education and public safety ahead of bonuses.

“When we learned through news reports in October, that as social service agencies were cutting programs because of delays in state payments, the Comptroller, at the direction of the Governor, was giving out nearly $4 million in bonuses to mainly top management staff in the heat of the election, I found that unconscionable,” Mendoza said in a press release.

State employees will now be asked to submit bonus requests separately from their regular pay forms. Mendoza said her move will not delay regular state employee paychecks.

The Democratic comptroller is also delaying state lawmaker pay until a state budget is passed, continuing the policy of her Republican predecessor, Leslie Munger.

Munger and Gov. Rauner have not yet responded to Mendoza’s comments.

View the article: Shelly, T. (2016, December 7). Mendoza puts state employee bonuses to back of the line. 25 News Peoria – Week. Retrieved from

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