Mendoza: We Must Invest in Transportation to Connect the Neighborhoods to Jobs, Not Sell Off Assets

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza
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febrero 5, 2019
Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza
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Mendoza: We Must Invest in Transportation to Connect the Neighborhoods to Jobs, Not Sell Off Assets

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Mendoza: We Must Invest in Transportation to Connect Underserved Neighborhoods to Jobs, Not Sell Off Assets

CHICAGO, IL – At the Roosevelt ‘L’ Stop, Susana Mendoza today spoke with commuters and supporters about her plan to expand transportation options to underserved neighborhoods and better connect all residents to jobs. She also said the city should not sell off its infrastructure assets, unlike Bill Daley who advised in favor of the city selling its parking meter system and then doubled down on the decision as recently as May when he called it “good business” and said he is “open to privatization” of more city assets.

“In order to connect our neighborhoods to opportunities and jobs, we must invest in our transportation system and increase affordable options to underserved communities so that no one is more than a 10-minute walk from all-day transit,” Susana Mendoza said. “My administration will invest in our infrastructure and not sell its parts as quick-fixes to pay bills.”

As part of her plan, Susana will:

  • Invest in public transit in under-resourced neighborhoods: Invest new revenue in additional buses and new lines of service so that Chicagoans that live in neighborhoods where the median income is below the city average are within a 10-minute walk of all-day transit. Neighborhoods like Englewood, Washington Park, Woodlawn, and Near West Side are some of the areas that would benefit from this effort.
  • Expand last-mile transportation options: Add more bike lanes, expand bike share in areas that are underserved by the current Divvy system, and introduce mobile scooters.
  • Revitalize Bus Service: Improve reliability and increase speed — particularly in underserved neighborhoods — through more bus lanes and traffic signal technology. Currently, Chicago has only about four miles of bus lanes, compared to 35 miles in Seattle and Los Angeles and 83 miles in New York City.
  • Better connect CTA and Metra services: Align schedules, simplify transfers between CTA and Metra, create one pass for all transit rides, increase frequency of Metra trains.
  • Promote Electric Vehicle Options: Expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring that 100% of buses purchased by the CTA are electric.
  • Make all CTA stations accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Read more about the Transportation details in the FUTURE NOW PLAN.


View and download the PDF version of this release here.

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