Susana Mendoza Addresses City Club of Chicago

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza
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December 17, 2018
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Susana Mendoza Addresses City Club of Chicago

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Susana Mendoza Addresses City Club of Chicago

Unveils 50NEW Initiative to Bolster Underutilized Schools to Serve as Hubs in the Community, Support Students and Families and Curb Neighborhood Violence

CHICAGO, IL – This morning, Susana Mendoza addressed the City Club of Chicago, laying out her bold vision to shape Chicago for the next generation and put the city’s neighborhoods first. During the speech, Mendoza unveiled her 50NEW Initiative to rebuild public schools as strong academic centers and hubs of community activity that will also help address violence in Chicago’s neighborhoods.


50NEW is a comprehensive plan that would use extra space in existing neighborhood schools to offer daycare, supper for students, family services, job training, and more. Instead of closing schools, 50NEW would help transform them into community hubs where Chicago families can access a quality public education alongside the support services they need to thrive.

50 represents the community schools that will be created within existing, underutilized school buildings over the next eight years. NEW stands for Neighborhood Education Works reflecting the program’s steadfast commitment to building a strong public education system for the next generation.

“We have to think boldly and transformationally,” said Susana Mendoza. “Instead of asking which 50 schools we should close next, I’ll be focused on which 50 underutilized schools we should be doubling down on, turning them into true community hubs and stronger academic centers. I’m ready to get to work on our schools at every level, from the neighborhood school my son attends, to implementing my 50NEW Initiative to transform the most under-resourced neighborhoods in our city. I’m excited to work with all Chicagoans to shape our future together – a future based on a vision for the next generation, not just the next four years.”


View and download the PDF version of this release here.

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