Susana Mendoza Releases SHE Plan to Empower Women and Girls

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza
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January 31, 2019
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Susana Mendoza Releases SHE Plan to Empower Women and Girls

Campaign Press Release Susana A. Mendoza

Friday, February 1, 2019

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Susana Mendoza Releases SHE Plan to Empower Women and Girls

CHICAGO, IL – Today, Susana Mendoza released her Safety, Health and Empowerment for Women (SHE) Plan to guarantee safety, health, and empowerment for every woman and girl in Chicago. The SHE Plan will tackle harassment and gender-based violence while holding perpetrators accountable, work to empower women to participate fully in the economic and social fabric of Chicago, and guarantee access to affordable healthcare while standing against attacks led by Donald Trump.


As the co-chair of Illinois’ Anti-Harassment, Equality, and Access Panel, Susana has led the way in creating safe work environments and will continue that fight as mayor. Susana will provide more resources to enforce sexual misconduct policies in city government, strengthen policies for dealing with sexual misconduct, and provide the resources necessary to prevent and respond to sexual assaults.

To champion access to reproductive healthcare for all women, Susana plans to prohibit City money, including TIF dollars, from going to institutions that refuse to cover reproductive healthcare for their employees, expand access to critical community-based healthcare services, and fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment at the federal level.

And to fully empower women economically, Susana will create family-friendly workplaces in City government and support women’s empowerment initiatives in the private sector.

“Women’s rights are human rights, and Chicago needs a mayor who recognizes that,” Susana Mendoza said. “I am so thrilled to release this comprehensive plan that will help tackle the structural economic and social challenges we face. By rooting out harassment, guaranteeing access to reproductive healthcare, and fighting for economic equity, I’m confident we can shape Chicago’s future together, for the next generation of women and girls.”


View and download the PDF version of this release here.

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