Susana Mendoza Releases “Tough As Nails” TV Ad [VIDEO]

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October 9, 2018
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Susana Mendoza Releases “Tough As Nails” TV Ad [VIDEO]

Wednesday, October 10, 2018



Susana Mendoza Releases First TV Ad of 2018 Re-Election Campaign: “Tough As Nails”


CHICAGO, IL – Today Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza released her first television ad of her re-election campaign: “Tough As Nails.” This ad highlights Mendoza’s fierce ability to take on challenges, whether on the soccer field or against Governor Rauner, and fight for what she believes in. In December 2017, Politico described Mendoza as a “tough-as-nails one-time All Midwest soccer star.”

As Illinois’ fiscal watchdog, Mendoza has transformed the Office of the Comptroller and shifted its priorities back to protecting the people. In only two years in office, Mendoza has achieved a long list of accomplishments including: passing the Debt Transparency Act to provide greater disclosure of state debt and save taxpayers billions; introducing the lowest Comptroller budget in 20 years; and recovering more than $36.5 million in outstanding debt for more than 400 local governments around Illinois.

Mendoza has led the resistance against Governor Rauner’s disastrous administration. Just as she did on the soccer field, Mendoza never backs down from a challenge. She has the strength and determination to keep fighting for the people of Illinois as Comptroller.

Watch “Tough As Nails” (play the video at the top of the page) or on YouTube.

Full transcript below:

Susana Mendoza:

All I wanted to do was play soccer. And my mother said oh no, honey, you can’t play soccer. Only boys play soccer. My dad said if she wants to try it, let’s try it. After the first time she gets kicked in the shins, it’s gonna hurt, she’s not gonna want to play. I got kicked in the shins, I just kicked back harder.

Soccer Coach John Randall:

They said, ‘Coach, she’s a girl!’ and I said I know, she’s the best player I have.

Susana Mendoza:

I do play in a male-dominated world, but when people tell me I can’t do something, it just motivates me even more.


View and download the PDF version of this release here.

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